Good Overseas Trips For Families With Kids

Traveling with kids is more often than not a lot of fun, but the planning process might be quite a hassle — this is especially the case when you are planning an overseas trip. The challenge is finding a destination that has the right amount of family-friendly fun. That way everyone including you as mom and dad gets to have a very pleasant time. To make things easier for you, below is a list of 5 of the best global destinations for families traveling with their kids.

Wild fun with Kenyan game park safaris
If there is one thing children will never get tired of it is seeing wild animals. Forget the boring old routine local zoo trips and treat your little ones to a journey where you get to observe the animals in their natural habitat. Kenya is an East African country known for having some of the best game parks and reserves in the world. You may choose to visit the Maasai Mara and witness the legendary wilder beast migration. Or you may decide to sit back and enjoy a trip around The Nairobi National Park which is the only game park in the world located within a city. With these and many other parks like them, you and your children are bound to have lots of fun. Check this out:

Archeological and historical tours in Rome, Italy
Family vacations are meant to be fun, but that does not mean that it cannot be a learning opportunity. In this case, Rome is a great destination to consider. The history-rich city will entertain and educate the little ones allowing them to learn more about the country’s fascinating history than they ever will at school. Being in the home of pizza, pasta and wine also doesn’t hurt allowing both you as the parents and the children to enjoy the country’s culinary masterpieces.

Sandy and sunny fun in Algarve, Portugal
Another trip idea that never gets old with kids is beach trips. In this case, Algarve is without a doubt one of the best locations to consider. With heavenly blue waters and white sandy beaches, you can rest assured that the kids will love every second of the trip. The city’s rich culture is also something that you have to look forward to. That way you will have a lot of fun whether you are building a sand castle on the Mediterranean shores or enjoying a seafood buffet at one of the many seaside resorts.

Theme park adventures in Paris, France
Paris is the perfect destination for family trips. Parents get to enjoy their time in one of the most romantic cities in the world. Kids, on the other hand, get to enjoy with the theme parks being the main attraction. In this case, you have a lot to choose from including Disneyland Paris, Aquaboulevard and many others.

Ski trips in Quebec, Canada
Finally, you may decide to treat your family to some Winterland fun in Quebec, Canada. With the many ski resorts in the area, there is no denying the fact that you will have a real time. Some of the fun activities that you have to look forward to including skiing, snowboarding, sledding and enjoying gondola trips. You guys may also choose to spend some time indoors and soak in the view with hot mugs of steaming chocolate in hand. Either way, it is a trip you will always remember fondly.

Here’s the bottom line:
After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that the 5 destinations above are overflowing with fun family friendly activity. Whether it is a sunset game drive in Nairobi or a fun day in Paris’ Disneyland, you can rest assured that you will have the time of your lives.


Best Time Of Year To Go To Norway

Finding the perfect time to go to Norway is a big question among travelers, and it is one of the most asked questions about traveling to Europe as well.

It comes down to your personal preference when it comes to going to Norway. We aren’t talking about whether or not you like Winter or Summer, no; we’re talking about money. The best months to go to Norway, for scenery and tourist purposes, would be around June and July.

1. The Most Popular Time Of Year

Our reasoning for this is because of something called the Midnight Sun. The Midnight Sun is when, close to sunset, the sun almost dips below the horizon, but actually, does not. It then stays at this level of light until sunrise, where it bounces back. Therefore, it perpetually hops from one side of the sky to the other, like the world’s largest game of table tennis.

These two months, June and July, are Europa’s most expensive tourist season. The same goes for Norway. The temperatures never usually exceed around 70 or so degrees and, due to the climate of Nothern Europa, it is never too dry nor too wet.

That may sound like a good thing, and, in some cases, it is. I mean, what is wrong with a bunch of tourists? Sure, sometimes some events or tourist attractions may be significantly busier, but there is always a drive to see it, money, and everything that comes with it. You will end up spending tourist-style rates when you go during the summer, which nobody wants to do.

That’s why I went during the early fall. Let me explain.

2. The Seasonal Sweetspot

September to October is the best time to go if you want to still get some fantastic views, spend a lot less money, and still take away all of the wonderful memories that accompany traveling, especially to Norway. The weather will also be incredibly kind as well. The beginning to the middle of September, after the tourist season, has temperatures that range from 50 or so to 60 or so during the daytime, with temperatures naturally dipping lower during the mornings and the evenings.

There is also the proposition of seeing the Northern Lights during the fall. Now, while it is true that you have a far better chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis in the wintertime, it is still known to occasionally happen during the fall, and on some rare occasions, during the late summer.

Therefore, if you go in the fall (even if it is during the beginning to middle, and not necessarily when it is the most prominent) you are striking a chance of seeing it.

3. The Colder Months

As previously stated, after September is when airfare (plane tickets and other forms of transportation) and hotels, as well as hostels, are at their cheapest. This goes for the official winter season as well. There are not a ton of things you can do that are strictly outdoor in the wintertime, such as hiking or biking within the city, but the cities themselves and other ‘indoor’ attractions are always open and ready to take your money.

Accompanying this is the Northern Lights, as we talked about previously a little bit. The winter months is when it is most prominent and, in some places, you can see it almost every night. If you are a photographer or videographer, late fall to early winter is by far the best time for you to go on your own adventure in Norway.

Take a look at a great video about the culture of Norway and get an idea of what to expect!


4 Tips On Packing Light

Packing, in general, requires a lot of thought and ‘pre-emptive strike’ readiness. Not only are you required to carefully stop and consider what items you will be bringing, but you also need to figure out how you can fit them into a small, light, and compact form factor. Increasing airfare costs and skyrocketing (quite literally, as it happens to be) luggage fees are leading to customers drowning in taxes and receipts.

Without a doubt, the best way for you to avoid all of this is to pack light and compact. Forget about bringing your third bottle of specialized conditioner, and a fourteen matching sets of socks. Trust me; you can do without all of those extra things for a week or two.

While it is true that carrying fewer items has a lot of benefits, some of which being cheaper luggage and airfare fees as well as just lighter baggage, there are some downsides. Don’t worry, though! Wherever you are headed, for whatever period, you will always be able to rely on these set of tips to see you through your very own packing nightmare!

1. Carry More For Your Carry On
I know, it sounds pretty simple, but there are a lot of people out there that somehow tend to miss this. By packing your pockets, purse (if you have one) and a backpack full of whatever you will be bringing, you are essentially saving yourself loads of money by making your check-in luggage tax as cheap as it can be. Be sure to pack your backpack to the absolute brim full of stuff, and make sure you choose the largest bag that is allowed to be stored above or next to you as carry-on luggage.

2. Create A Personal Checklist
Creating a personal list for yourself can be extremely useful sometimes. It allows you to take only the essentials, the things that you need, that is, and does not (literally) allow any space whatsoever for trivial and unimportant things. Need help with remembering the essentials? Check out this packing checklist!

To do this, you can maximize how much space you save by thinking about how many pairs of pants, shirts, socks, and sweaters (or whatever articles of clothing you will be wearing) you will need for your trip. You don’t need to pack a ton of extras, just one backup shirt, or maybe two if you can find enough space for all of the items.

3. Stay Neutral With The Color Palettes
This one will save you a lot of time, money, and space. A key to cleanly traveling, whether it is light or not, is in your color palette. Don’t bring an absurdly colored outfit or two that you can only wear once; try to mix and match different light shades and colors, so that you can keep it as simple as possible while still retaining some style. This is particularly the case for business packing. Only pack whites and light colors that compliment the rest of whatever you are bringing, including your suit (or suits, if you have more than one).

4. Final Thoughts
Packing light can sometimes be a challenge, but it is nowhere near as difficult as trying to lug more than one suitcase to a cab or into the bus if you pack all of your extra items. The result is never worth it. Pack light, and save yourself an abundance of time, money, and stress! If you’re looking for a few more tips, check this out:


How To Protect Your Personal Items When Traveling

The very last thing that most people think of when they are planning to go travel is what may or may not happen to them once they are in the country. It is never usually a problem in most countries, but Europe is seeing a massive influx of immigrants. It is leading to a lot of political, as well as religious and cultural, strife. Europe may not be the safest place for you, or any of your friends and family as well as their family, to travel at this time. It may never be again.

1. Injury

You are statistically less likely to be attacked or hurt in any way when you are in most large cities and neighborhoods, taking into account the fact that these are rural and not populated by a large number of immigrants. You do not need to stick away from and avoid certain bars and pubs when you are in Europe, but you should always remain on edge from any potential drunkards. This tip is a little bit of a ‘no-brainer’ rule, and it does not just apply to Europe, of course.

2. Being Aware Of Thieves And Shady People

Every single neighborhood, community, and city has this issue. It is not one that is prone to small, medium sized, big, intermediate or however the case may be sized cities. It is also not left alone to Europe; this problem is in every country, and it always has been since communities have existed, and even before then.

  • Pickpockets: This is the most prominent issue that faces tourists, as previously stated, wherever they go. In Florence, Barcelona, France, Rome, and many other tourist attraction cities similar to those above, you will undoubtedly hear stories about how purses, wallets, watches, smartphones, and luggage are snatched every day.

    Thieves and pickpockets can make absolute killings (lots and lots of sellable items, I mean) off of tourists who do not know what they are doing when they walk around the city all day with their belongings. One thing you can do to stop the chances of your items being stolen is to leave most jewelry or just the more valuable, rare, and expensive pieces at home

  • Credit Cards And Currency: You can also carry your credit cards in the inside pocket of your coat if you swear that you won’t be taking it off anytime soon!
  • Passport: As for your passport, you should always have it on you. Not in your bag, not in your purse, but directly on your person. This is extremely important. Consider carrying your passport in your front left pocket as well as smaller items like headphones, coins, and a pen or two.
  • Wallet: You can then carry your wallet in your jacket, or, if this is not possible, in your left pocket as well. You may then carry your smartphone in your right-hand pocket as well.


Best Places to Travel in The World

Europe is the only place on Earth that envelops all that is new and old, contemporary and classical, calm and wild, logical and magical. Whenever you are in Europe, you are just a short flight away from new adventures that you can ever experience in your lifetime. This travel destination has something for everyone and that is why it is among the best places to travel in the world. In Europe, there are countless numbers of best places to travel and the best of the best are listed below.


The city of London is absolutely fantastic and even if you happen to spend a whole year here, you will not have enough of this place. There are many places of interest to see here including the festival hall and the modern art gallery. There is a range of museums including the science museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, natural history museum and so on. You will never get enough of this place and this is why it is one of the best places to travel in Europe.


There are a number of best places in Amsterdam including zoos, windmills, museums, churches, squares, gardens and parks. This beautiful travel destination has an enchanting atmosphere. You can explore the town’s old parts on foot and also via a canal boat. This gives you the opportunity to see the lives of people who live on houseboats which line the waterways.


This is an enchanting city and one of the best places to travel in Europe. Barcelona is full of life with an atmosphere that combines sophistication and elegance. You can explore the city and discover Art Nouveau architecture as well as the medieval romance that add to the charm of the city. The Gothic cathedral and incomplete church of Sagrada Familia make this destination a must visit when holidaying in Europe. The city also has a range of museums that display extensive collections of artwork of Picasso and Miro.


Boston is a great city to walk in. Downtown is a rich tapestry of history from block to block. It’s a very easy city to walk. Don’t miss the seaport or the Freedom Trail, which is replete with history and famous monuments, as well as amazing diverse food, street musicians, and more street level shops than you can ever hope to visit even on many return visits. Do a quick search for “restaurants near me” and you’ll have dozens of options in any direction, with just a few blocks. Restaurants that have done good SEO (like with Oxbow SEO) and who have good customer reviews are within steps of where you are, anywhere in downtown Boston.


Paris is such a charming place to visit that anyone can fall in love with it. People of this city are stylish and no matter at what time of the year you visit this lovely city, you will always find it enchanting and alive. Eiffel tower is one of the most famous places that this city can boast of. Together with this, there are numerous iconic attractions that will just keep any visitor captivated.