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Welcome to Belgrade apartments 'Kruna' rental website related to accommodation Belgrade in beautiful flats, instead of hotels. If you are interested in cheap yet pleasant accommodation in the center of Belgrade city, short- or long-term, you are in right place. Here we will try to do our best to provide you with all the information about our Belgrade 'Kruna' apartments in the city center, so that you may be able to choose the accommodation in Belgrade that best suits your needs and habits, and at the same time, to rent Belgrade apartments at affordable prices, among the lowest in Belgrade region. To us it is possible because apartments are our professional business yet we are specialised in offers of beautiful, pleasant, cheap and comfortable apartments in very center of Belgrade for you, instead of a hotel.

Why would you need an apartment Belgrade for pleasant yet inexpensive accommodation, rather than a hotel? Simply, beacuse apartment gives you much more comfort and freedom than a cramped hotels room. Moreover, it is significantly cheaper solution, saving you a considerable amount of money. Hence, it is in your best interest to hire an apartment when looking for accommodation in Belgrade, whether for a weekend, as a tourist, for business purpose or maybe during a visit to relatives or friends. It is certain that good apartment with all extras included in price will cost you significantly less than any hotel. Still, you will enjoy more comfort, relax and convenience if you take some good apartment in Belgrade. Beautiful apartments 'Kruna' are just flats that that.

Rent nice apartment as your accommodation with Belgrade Apartments 'Kruna'. The apartments that we recommend are: our Belgrade 'Krunska' apartment (#1) and 'Hilandarska' (#2 and #3). Belgrade cheap Apartments are located in very center of Belgrade. All of our flats are modernly decorated, completely equipped, fully furnished for your comfortable yet affordable stay. Apartments are available either short- or long-term.

Apartments 'Kruna' Belgrade are situated in the middle of the city, better say right in the heart of Belgrade. Our location are close to several parks, such as Tasmajdan park, next to St. Marko Church. Very close to apartment 'Krunska' is Belgrade main Post building and house of Parliament of Serbia. Couple of foreign embassies are next door to our apartment, as well as countless restaurants, coffee shops and all kinds of other stores. There is also easy access from our apartments to public transport lines (trams, metro, buses) to all parts of the city.
Finally, there is only couple of minutes walk from apartments 'Kruna' rental to the downtown, where the Belgrade pedestrian zone is, shopping zone, business area, also many museums, numerous galleries and main Belgrade theaters, among other things.

Apartment in Belgrade

If you wish more info or wish to see pictures of apartments please click here: Accommodation in Belgrade flats.
To see description of apartments, also accommodation prices and booking page, please click here: Apartments 'Kruna' Belgrade. If you have any other question you may call us: +381-62420696 or you may send us an SMS message. If you prefer to write email, you may send it here: 'Kruna' Belgrade.

If you wish to learn little more about Belgrade, here are some basic facts. It is widest known that Belgrade is capital of Serbia. The name of the city means 'White City'. Belgrade lies on confluences of two rivers, Sava and Danube, on the line that connects the Panonian Plane to the rest of the Balkan. Belgrade has population of nearly 2 milion inhabitants, including suburbs on its territory. For more interesting facts on Belgrade, please click here: Belgrade.

We suggest you to take a little of your time to learn a bit more about our apartments and accommodation in flats 'Kruna' Belgrade. If you'd like to do it, please click here: Accommodation in Belgrade cheap apartments, just in the center of Belgrade - the altenative to hotels.

Apartments rental 'Kruna' Belgrade is much more than any ordinary flats service. When you take a great yet cheap apartment for rent with Accommodation Belgrade 'Kruna', you will feel like you're in your own home, unlike of hotels. This is the main reason why many of our guests return regularly for years in our apartments 'Kruna' whenever they come to our town.

Apartments 'Kruna' is the perfect place to get good accommodation (and avoid a hotel) in very center of the capital of Serbia.

We wish you very pleasant stay in our city, and thank you for visiting Belgrade beautiful apartments website, significantly better choice than a hotels.

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