4 Tips On Packing Light

Packing, in general, requires a lot of thought and ‘pre-emptive strike’ readiness. Not only are you required to carefully stop and consider what items you will be bringing, but you also need to figure out how you can fit them into a small, light, and compact form factor. Increasing airfare costs and skyrocketing (quite literally, as it happens to be) luggage fees are leading to customers drowning in taxes and receipts.

Without a doubt, the best way for you to avoid all of this is to pack light and compact. Forget about bringing your third bottle of specialized conditioner, and a fourteen matching sets of socks. Trust me; you can do without all of those extra things for a week or two.

While it is true that carrying fewer items has a lot of benefits, some of which being cheaper luggage and airfare fees as well as just lighter baggage, there are some downsides. Don’t worry, though! Wherever you are headed, for whatever period, you will always be able to rely on these set of tips to see you through your very own packing nightmare!

1. Carry More For Your Carry On
I know, it sounds pretty simple, but there are a lot of people out there that somehow tend to miss this. By packing your pockets, purse (if you have one) and a backpack full of whatever you will be bringing, you are essentially saving yourself loads of money by making your check-in luggage tax as cheap as it can be. Be sure to pack your backpack to the absolute brim full of stuff, and make sure you choose the largest bag that is allowed to be stored above or next to you as carry-on luggage.

2. Create A Personal Checklist
Creating a personal list for yourself can be extremely useful sometimes. It allows you to take only the essentials, the things that you need, that is, and does not (literally) allow any space whatsoever for trivial and unimportant things. Need help with remembering the essentials? Check out this packing checklist!

To do this, you can maximize how much space you save by thinking about how many pairs of pants, shirts, socks, and sweaters (or whatever articles of clothing you will be wearing) you will need for your trip. You don’t need to pack a ton of extras, just one backup shirt, or maybe two if you can find enough space for all of the items.

3. Stay Neutral With The Color Palettes
This one will save you a lot of time, money, and space. A key to cleanly traveling, whether it is light or not, is in your color palette. Don’t bring an absurdly colored outfit or two that you can only wear once; try to mix and match different light shades and colors, so that you can keep it as simple as possible while still retaining some style. This is particularly the case for business packing. Only pack whites and light colors that compliment the rest of whatever you are bringing, including your suit (or suits, if you have more than one).

4. Final Thoughts
Packing light can sometimes be a challenge, but it is nowhere near as difficult as trying to lug more than one suitcase to a cab or into the bus if you pack all of your extra items. The result is never worth it. Pack light, and save yourself an abundance of time, money, and stress! If you’re looking for a few more tips, check this out: