Best Places to Travel in The World

Europe is the only place on Earth that envelops all that is new and old, contemporary and classical, calm and wild, logical and magical. Whenever you are in Europe, you are just a short flight away from new adventures that you can ever experience in your lifetime. This travel destination has something for everyone and that is why it is among the best places to travel in the world. In Europe, there are countless numbers of best places to travel and the best of the best are listed below.


The city of London is absolutely fantastic and even if you happen to spend a whole year here, you will not have enough of this place. There are many places of interest to see here including the festival hall and the modern art gallery. There is a range of museums including the science museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, natural history museum and so on. You will never get enough of this place and this is why it is one of the best places to travel in Europe.


There are a number of best places in Amsterdam including zoos, windmills, museums, churches, squares, gardens and parks. This beautiful travel destination has an enchanting atmosphere. You can explore the town’s old parts on foot and also via a canal boat. This gives you the opportunity to see the lives of people who live on houseboats which line the waterways.


This is an enchanting city and one of the best places to travel in Europe. Barcelona is full of life with an atmosphere that combines sophistication and elegance. You can explore the city and discover Art Nouveau architecture as well as the medieval romance that add to the charm of the city. The Gothic cathedral and incomplete church of Sagrada Familia make this destination a must visit when holidaying in Europe. The city also has a range of museums that display extensive collections of artwork of Picasso and Miro.


Boston is a great city to walk in. Downtown is a rich tapestry of history from block to block. It’s a very easy city to walk. Don’t miss the seaport or the Freedom Trail, which is replete with history and famous monuments, as well as amazing diverse food, street musicians, and more street level shops than you can ever hope to visit even on many return visits. Do a quick search for “restaurants near me” and you’ll have dozens of options in any direction, with just a few blocks. Restaurants that have done good SEO (like with Oxbow SEO) and who have good customer reviews are within steps of where you are, anywhere in downtown Boston.


Paris is such a charming place to visit that anyone can fall in love with it. People of this city are stylish and no matter at what time of the year you visit this lovely city, you will always find it enchanting and alive. Eiffel tower is one of the most famous places that this city can boast of. Together with this, there are numerous iconic attractions that will just keep any visitor captivated.