Abandon Bozeman; Long-time residents fleeing the region

Many longtime residents are frustrated with the rapid growth and rate of change in Bozeman. People who have lived in Bozeman for years decide to take advantage of the inflated housing market. Many sell their homes for a high price and uproot their families to find what they came here for in the first place, a simpler way of life.

We hear stories all the time of people moving to Bozeman from across the country. What we don’t hear much about is the fact that a lot of people are running away from Bozeman. I admit I was tempted to list my house for sale, but I know I couldn’t find another place to live in the Gallatin Valley if I did.

Last week we published an article titled “Life in Bozeman can be a drag – where do you want to go next?

We asked “Are you staying in Bozeman? Or are you going elsewhere? Why?

We have received a lot of good responses on our resort app and our Facebook page. Here’s where some longtime residents decide to relocate after selling their home to Bozeman.

Jean said;

Already left went to Billings glad he did. I grew up in Bozeman and graduated in 1980 and have no interest in seeing the city destroyed by money anymore

Vickie said;

I was born and raised in Bozeman, as were my parents and maternal grandparents. My siblings are here and although my hometown is unrecognizable, I am almost 70 years old and I own my condo. I’m staying.

Don said;

I grew up in the Gallatin Valley. Graduated from Belgrade High School MSU and received my army commission as 2LT via ROTC. The Gallatin has always been at home, and always will be; however, that is not what I knew as a child. I could cycle to Bozeman Hot Springs down Jackrabbit, go to Springhill, go up Sixteen Mile, and fish everywhere during the day. When I grew up and moved back to Montana the streams were crowded, the transplants abused the Montana stream access law (I much prefer to walk to the owner’s house and get permission fishing) because I was watching my kids catch a fish and when they were done admiring it, there would be someone standing where they hung it. I moved to Wyoming because the people are the same agrarian farmers and ranchers that I knew as a child. In addition, the fishing is much better.

Told me;

When I grew up in the small town of Montana, I always aspired to live in Bzn. Life took me to Brooklyn for most of my adult years. I moved in 2019 before the dark year and right before the big city Bozeman exploded. I would love to stay in Bozeman but I have had several heartaches over real estate. NYC is cheaper than Bozeman but the money is better. My family is here but it’s hard to make ends meet in “Bozo de Janeiro”

Luc said;

Direction Great Falls. Cheaper housing and a currently untapped entrepreneurial environment that requires far less capital than anywhere else.

Taylor said;

We have just left Bozeman to move to Tennessee. We just couldn’t find a place to live. We wanted to stay but had nowhere to go.

Ian said,

I sold our house and bought a house in Alaska. I lived here for 21 years and it was a good race. Very happy to get out of here.

Sarah said;

My husband and I just moved to Texas. We were barely getting to Bozeman. Hated leaving MT, but hope we come back someday.

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