Amazon Family Fun Zone returns to Let Freedom Sing! 4th of July music city

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Although the fireworks display didn’t officially begin until Monday, the excitement kicked off at Walk of Fame Park. Families can enjoy bouncy houses, live shows, and arts and crafts, and best of all: it’s all free.

“I mean, we’ve been planning everything for six months, but it’s taking a few weeks to get everything in place, and it’s a big undertaking — this whole event,” the president of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp said. , Deana Ivey.

While those 21 and older enjoyed Broadway, younger Nashville tourists enjoyed the Amazon Family Fun Zone. Last year, the Fun Zone was absent from the festivities.

“Well, last year was really a financial decision because, you know, we were just coming out of the pandemic,” Ivey said. “So this year we got a good sponsor from Amazon and we were able to bring it back.”

Nashville tourism officials said they hope to fill 28,000 hotel rooms this weekend.

“It’s a really great event for this community, and it brings in visitors, which is one of the reasons we do it – it’s to fill hotel rooms, restaurants and attractions – but it’s also about us giving back to the Nashvillians,” Ivey said.

There was something for everyone at the Walk of Fame Park, attracting visitors like the Godsey family.

“We came here just for a little family trip, but we organized this event as a very fun event for our children, to bring them here,” said Nathan Godsey, who traveled from Ohio with his wife and his two boys.

As the boys eagerly awaited the sound of the fireworks, a different boom could be heard in the distance. Thunder and lightning forced organizers to suspend the event as people took shelter.

Soon after, the fun was back.

“I think it’s more important than ever to get out there and celebrate,” Ivey said. “Celebrate this country and who we all are, in a good way, and just be together and have a good time.”

The Fun Zone will be open again on Monday July 4 from noon.

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