Another Nestlé Summer’s Cool: 42 Students Successfully Completed an Internship at the World’s Largest FMCG Company

The “Nestlé Summer’s Cool” summer internship program for graduate students, masters students and those who have recently completed their studies, has been organized in the Nestlé South East European market for the third consecutive year. During the three-week online paid internship program, participants learned and practiced the practical side of modern business.

Through the Global Youth Initiative, Nestlé is committed to providing students around the world with, among other things, different experiences through courses and workshops in the digital space, all to provide training and additional support for young people on their career path.

This year, up to 42 students from four countries in the region had the opportunity to learn about the real world of business. Once again, it has been proven that the younger generations are capable of responding to business challenges, that they are the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. It is necessary to invest in their education, to prepare them for the challenges of work and to direct their creativity, productivity and motivation in the best possible way. Our company has been advocating for timely and quality education for years, which is why 79% of our employees are under the age of 40,” saidLoredana Gîlmeanu, SEM HR Business Partner & Country Lead Nestlé România.

With the support of around 40 experts and lecturers from the Nestlé company, the students participated in the educational system through work on case studies and lectures on key areas of the modern business world, including marketing. , sales, finance, public relations, logistics and supply and demand. In order to exchange experiences and develop social and emotional intelligence, critical thinking, leadership and communication skills, the participants of the Nestlé Summers Cool program collaborated in a the international environment and have had a unique and multicultural business experience.

Students from Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria have completed the program this year, and so far a total of 84 students have participated in Nestlé Summers Cool. This programme, as well as other projects implemented under the Nestlé Needs YOUth Initiativealso tries to reduce the youth unemployment rate, which reached 22% in December 2021, in Romania, according to the results of Eurostat.

Nestlé Global Youth Alliance

The Summer’s Cool program is one of the worldwide programs Youth Alliance Projects Nestlé was founded in 2019. with 20 multinationals. While the initial goal of the initiative was to help 6 million young people improve their employment rate and skills, the Alliance has exceeded all expectations and has supported more than 10 million young people to date.

About Nestle

Nestlé Global Initiatives:

In 2017, Nestlé took a number of steps to accelerate progress towards the 2030 goals through actions to improve quality of life and contribute to a better future. These include strengthening the Nestlé for Healthier Kids programme, expanding the Nestlé Needs YOUth initiative and developing sustainable environmental performance management activities.

Nestlé for healthier children

Nestlé for Healthier Kids was created to unite Nestlé’s efforts to help parents and guardians raise healthier children, from research and product formulation to innovative education and nutrition services for a healthy lifestyle. healthy life. In Romania, these efforts are reflected in the partnerships with the national movement “And I Live Healthy – SETS”, initiated by the PRAIS Foundation and the “Healthy Bag” program, initiated by Prof. Dr. Veronica Mocanu.

Nestlé needs young people

Nestlé’s ambition for the global youth initiative “Nestlé needs YOUth” is to help 10 million young people around the world access career opportunities by 2030. This global initiative combines and coordinates all activities supporting young people around the world, including the efforts of the Alliance for YOUth.


Nestlé wants its products to not only be tastier and healthier, but also better for the environment. Nestlé’s ambition for 2030 is zero impact on the environment, with water being one of the priority areas.

Nestlé retains the top spot in a ranking of food and beverage manufacturers for making healthy food affordable and accessible to consumers. The Access to Nutrition Initiative (ATNI) Global Index rates the world’s 25 largest food and beverage manufacturers on their nutrition-related policies, practices and performance.

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