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Love and marriage, love and marriage – go together as one … Double margarita and a nap in a hammock?

The rhyme fails. But forget the horse and the carriage.

In the twilight of 2021 and beyond, travelers crave the tropics and their many splendors.

Mexico, Anguilla and the Bahamas were among the most booked destinations for travelers in the last quarter of the year, according to internal data from vacation assistants at

So, nuptial nomads, here are the best palm love nests to trade in those “I do”.

And if you’re still okay with that whole “rich or poor” thing, err on the side of the former.

Is it worth it

It’s BYO-navel and questionable decision-making, but Casa Salles will provide tequila and beds otherwise.
Casa Salles

This is not a fictional place set in a bad telenovela – Tequila, Mexico really exists IRL. The name of the city of Jalisco means “place of homage” and it is the birthplace of the eponymous fire water. As such, Tequila (the place) has even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You and your future are more than encouraged to throw a few in homage to his hotel Casa Salles opened in 2020 (it’s conveniently located right next to the historic La Guarreña distillery, maker of El Tequileño).

With its intimate collection of 25 rooms, the boutique property requires a full buyout of just over $ 4,050 to host a ceremony ($ 1,000 to $ 50,000).

Newlyweds can enjoy a stylish after-party – wink – with the help of an Ashley bed and a rain shower. Or, alternatively, any buyer’s remorse after the wedding can be treated with a hot stone massage and microdermabrasion facial at their Reposado Spa.

Rooms start at around $ 170 a night.

Go down the island

Interior shot of bedroom at Quintessence.
The legendary Cap Juluca d’Anguilla has had its day in the sun – there’s a new tanner in town: Quintessence.
Tourism in Anguilla

Not quite a year old, the Quintessence d’Anguilla is as minimalist in the number of rooms as it is maximalist in its perks: there are only nine suites in its Tropical Grand Mansion, which includes butler service and a access to the private beach.

Book a minimum of five nights and as many suites and it will host a wedding of up to 30 people (but can only accommodate 22 people, so Sophie’s choice awaits you). The cost is $ 10,000 including photos, cake, champagne, three course dinner, boutonnieres, corsages and bouquets, but the necessary accommodation charges are not included and vary by season. . Call 264-498-8106 for the shock sticker on it all. Oh, the math of marriage.

The maximum number of guests could increase this winter when Quintessence opens Quinn, an addition of four suites with more affordable options. Either way, invite your friends and family wisely.

Suites starting at $ 1,250 per night.

Marital blitz

Inset of a beach villa at Ocean Club.
Exclusive and exquisite, the sexy-genarian Ocean Club in the Bahamas exudes romance.
The Ocean Club

It’s risky enough to be the pitcher of anything around defensive end JJ Watt, but his wife Kealia Ohai was in no danger when she threw the bouquet at their wedding last year to the Bahamas.

The venue for the NFLer and the women’s football star? The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, on the exclusive island paradise, even on a bad day.

The Gardens of Versailles have been a hotspot for weddings for years, and as the resort celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2022, it plans to undergo a top-secret renovation (details to be determined) of its beachfront accommodations in the area. wing of the crescent. He’s already smothered / put away his two, three and four bedroom villas in 2020. Maybe age is just a number after all.

Ceremony prices (two to 50 guests) start at $ 6,500; rooms from $ 1,170 per night.

Vow-canic eruption

Exterior of Villa Bokeh.

The volcanoes make Villa Bokéh an area without cold feet.

Bronwyn Knight

Guatemala is too often off the radar. And just like marriage itself, it requires a leap of faith.

The brand new 12-bedroom Villa Bokéh (February 15), a Relais & Châteaux property in the colonial town of Antigua, southern Spain, practically has “bouquet” in its name and is more than perfect for a marriage. It sports private balconies, a lagoon, walled gardens with fireplaces, panoramic views of the volcanoes… wait, what? Yeah, that’s right, you’re not the only ones, Hawaii and Iceland.

Is it any wonder that Bokéh weekends fill up incredibly quickly with married couples? Weddings are organized to your liking, and a reception for 100 guests alone costs $ 14,000 plus a property buyout / wedding planner / decorator / menu settings, all that jazz.

Rooms start at $ 250 per night.


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