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Originally from Fort Edward, Eileen Doyon wrote “Lucky 2”, a sequel to her first children’s book “Lucky…Little Guy BIG Mission”.

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Lucky has other adventures ahead of him.

Fort Edward native Eileen Doyon has turned the true story of an injured veteran, his service dog and a puppy named Lucky into a children’s book titled “Lucky…Little Guy BIG Mission”, which was released in fall 2020.

In about a month, the sequel “Lucky 2” will be released.

“It’s an educational tool that teaches kids to dream, to think big, and to work very, very hard to achieve a goal,” said Doyon, who now lives in New Hampshire.

The “Lucky” books tell the story of a puppy born with an unusual front paw. Sledge hockey player Christy Gardner, who lost both of her legs while serving in the military, trained puppies to be therapy dogs and trained Lucky to be a therapy dog.

Gardner’s service dog, Moxie, acts as Lucky’s mentor in the books.

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“We all have heroes in life or people we look up to in life, in situations,” Doyon said. “We always have this person supporting us. And Moxie was definitely that for Lucky.

Sadly, Moxie was shot a few months ago due to cancer, but still stars prominently in the second book, which is dedicated to her. The second book also introduces Gardner’s new service dog, Doug.

'Lucky 2'

Proceeds from the book “Lucky 2,” written by Fort Edward native Eileen Doyon, will go to Mission Working Dogs, a nonprofit organization of Christy Gardner. Gardner, who lost his legs while serving in the military, stands by Lucky and his new therapy dog ​​Doug.

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“We all have this Moxie, and I think kids really get something out of it,” Doyon said. “Because I feel like kids growing up, they have their people they look up to as well as people they think still have their backs and can trust them.”

The second book will be available on Amazon, but presale orders can be placed at Proceeds from the book will go to Gardner’s organization called Mission Working Dogs, a nonprofit founded in July 2020 that trains service and therapy dogs.

A Nashville team is currently writing a theme song to accompany the “Lucky” books. Doyon’s ultimate goal is to turn “Lucky” into an animated film.

Doyon is already writing the third book “Lucky” which will teach children the importance of charity.

“As adults, we also have to think about charity,” Doyon said. “We spend a lifetime getting things and realizing that our purpose in life is to give things.”

'Lucky 2'

Originally from Fort Edward, Eileen Doyon wrote “Lucky 2”, a sequel to her first children’s book “Lucky…Little Guy BIG Mission”.

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