Butterfly sanctuary targeted by pro-Trump plot

So when two women showed up at the National Butterfly Center last Friday asking to see “the stowaways crossing on rafts,” Treviño-Wright said, her son at the front desk quickly realized what was going on.

The women identified themselves as Kimberly Lowe, who is running for Congress in Virginia, and a person Kimberly referred to as “Michelle,” and identified herself as a Secret Service agent in an audio recording, but which BuzzFeed News does not could not verify identity. According to an affidavit he later prepared for the police, Treviño-Wright’s son Nicholas told the women they had to pay an entrance fee to enter the property. Michelle, he wrote, told him she was with the Secret Service and that the two women had great influence in Washington, D.C., and wanted to see “the immigrants come across on the rafts.”

Treviño-Wright said her son picked her up and she Googled Lowe before approaching the women. She provided BuzzFeed News with an audio recording of her interaction with Lowe and Michelle, as well as a recording of a Facebook Live video Lowe posted about the incident as it unfolded, which has since been deleted.

In the audio recording, Treviño-Wright quickly tells the women, “your agenda is not welcome here” and asks them to leave.

“So you’re not to keep illegals out?” Michelle replies.

Lowe also intervenes: “So you are not for helping all these poor people in the humanitarian crisis? Do you agree with children being sex trafficked, raped and murdered? »

Treviño-Wright again asks the women to leave, and Lowe agrees, but not before adding, “I’m sorry you’re okay with children being raped and murdered.”

From there, things seem to evolve. Michelle insists again that she is with the Secret Service and they leave the building. Outside, says Treviño-Wright, Lowe started trying to tape it. Treviño-Wright told BuzzFeed News that her photo was posted online by right-wing trolls and she was threatened with doxxing. So she really didn’t want Lowe recording her and reached for Lowe’s phone. Lowe says she picked up the phone. Then, Treviño-Wright says Michelle pushed her to the ground. Lowe says Treviño-Wright fell. Either way, Treviño-Wright ended up on the floor and Michelle said clearly over the audio, “Keep still, bitch.”

Lowe then ran to her car where she started the now-deleted Facebook Live video and began screaming for Michelle to get in the car with her. Once Michelle is inside the car, she points out that Nicholas closes the door in front of them. In the video, the camera is pointed at Lowe as she steps on the accelerator and the engine revs. Michelle yells, “Whoa whoa whoa, KC!” Lowe waits impatiently, shouting, “Get out of my way. Get out of my fucking way. Get the hell out of my way. Jesus Christ.”

Nicholas wrote in his affidavit to police that he had to jump out of the way of the car to avoid being hit. He wrote that he tried to close the door to stop the women leaving before the police arrived and because he believed they had his mother’s phone.

Lowe denied trying to hit Nicholas and accused the Wrights of assault and “kidnapping” for trying to stop them from leaving and trying to lock the door. Lowe also sent BuzzFeed News a copy of her Facebook Live video, but a version that cuts out before she sped the car out the door. She said she took it down because of “an investigation.”

“I was scared and did not approach her son to hit him,” Lowe wrote in a text to BuzzFeed News, adding that she had her children with her. “I was trying to run away with my kids and I didn’t try to hit him!!”

When asked why she went to the butterfly center in the first place and accused Treviño-Wright of allowing sex trafficking, Lowe said via text: “Someone suggested I walk to the river to see what might happen. I came to Texas to see what is happening at the border.

Lowe said she plans to join a “private border tour” this weekend with Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser and one of the biggest proponents of election conspiracy theories. of 2020, as part of pro-Trump events near the butterfly center. But Lowe stressed that the event was not the reason for his trip.

Lowe repeatedly said that the Treviño-Wright story was a “politically motivated attack” on her. And she didn’t respond when repeatedly asked if Michelle had any Secret Service affiliation or last name. “I’m a good person with a big heart who gives of himself to really help people – I don’t deserve this mess from him,” she said in a text.

Both women said they spoke to Mission, Texas police about the incident. Lowe said in a text that she was “acquitted” by police, but the police department did not respond to a request for comment on whether the case was still open or for copies of police reports. of the incident.

But there was a witness. Bob Axford, a Canadian who said he was watching the snows in Texas for the winter, stood in the parking lot as the scene unfolded and confirmed many of the details provided by Treviño-Wright and his son. Axford told BuzzFeed News he didn’t know anyone involved in the altercation and had never been to the National Butterfly Center until Friday. he had just passed by to confirm his location and pick up a map of the property ahead of a planned visit with a friend. He stood behind the women as they spoke with Treviño-Wright’s son, he said, and overheard that one of them was named Lowe and was running for Congress.

Once he caught Nicholas’ eye and got a map, Axford said he went to sit in his truck for a few minutes and take a look. “Then I saw a few minutes later four people sort of come out the door and grab each other’s throats.” He saw one fall and said he believed it was Treviño-Wright, but was too far away to see how she had fallen. He called 911.

Then he saw Lowe get into his car and back it closer to the others. Once Michelle got in the car with her, he said, “she went full throttle…and almost straight on top of me.” I almost got hit there. But I was in a bigger truck than them,” he said. The car then drove towards the door and Treviño-Wright’s son at high speed, he said. Axford said he thought Nicholas “probably” had to jump to avoid being hit. “It looked like an advertisement,” he said.

Axford said he spoke to police about the altercation and repeatedly called Lowe’s driving “completely reckless.”

“This person should not be an elected official in any way,” he said.

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