Cognite publishes book on industrial data operations, the first of its kind


Oslo, Norway – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – In the midst of the biggest industrial revolution, Cognite, a leader in industrial digitization, announced the release of The Definitive Guide To Industrial DataOps. An industry first, the book defines and explains the emerging discipline of industrial data operations in a language designed for both professionals and IT pros, while responding to the urgency caused by the acceleration. data-driven changes that modern organizations now navigate. The industry information and expertise captured in the book also provides organizations with practical advice on the successful adoption and scale-up of Industrial DataOps. A Request for Proposal (RFP) guide and self-assessment to assess organizational readiness and map challenges, complement the insights and actionable tools covered in the book.

Industrial DataOps is already emerging as a driving force in industrial transformations, helping to accelerate digital maturity, enabling data teams to deliver more digital products and realize more operational value at scale. In a 2020 survey of global companies, McKinsey found that organizations that integrate DataOps could see the volume of new features increase by 50%, as data automation enables faster development iterations.

“Confidence in data comes from connecting the dots between desired outcomes and relevant data products focused on use cases,” says Forrester VP, Principal Analyst Michele Goetz. “An Industrial DataOps platform provides context to data conditions and ensures that data anomalies impacting the business are detected early to mitigate costly problems. A DataOps platform also ensures that data conforms to data models and output standards to drive results from event-based intelligence inside processes.

“The Definitive Guide to Industrial DataOps” was written to reduce the hype of industrial digitization and to help understand how Industrial DataOps enables organizations to manage complex data. The structure of the book reflects the path that industrial companies will follow to assess, adopt and develop Industrial DataOps in their organizations. The first chapters deal with the urgency of Industrial DataOps and lead readers to take stock of the digital maturity of their industrial organizations. The main chapters deal with the discipline itself, its key principles and how best to extract value from data, while the final chapters define the way forward: evolving industrial DataOps and putting them into practice. .

“Industrial DataOps is a crucial and necessary tool to make digital transformation possible in asset-intensive industries,” says John Markus Lervik, CEO and co-founder of Cognite. “It illustrates how to connect data from the IT and OT source to the data consumer with contextual guidance that will enable organizations of all sizes to use it, innovate and reshape operations for efficiency, profitability and sustainability.” . It is the most powerful engine of change that will propel the industry forward, and this book will help companies orient themselves and capture immediate value at scale.

“To make the Industrial DataOps promise a reality for businesses, ‘The Definitive Guide to Industrial DataOps’ serves as an essential manual for not only understanding this new category of software, but also how it accelerates innovation and reduces lead time. profitability at every stage of a digital operations transformation, ”explains Pascal Brosset, Industry X Production & Operations Lead at Accenture.

The complete book is available for free download: The Definitive Guide To Industrial DataOps

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Cognite is a global industrial SaaS company that was created with a clear vision: to rapidly equip industrial enterprises with contextualized, reliable and accessible data to help drive the large-scale digital transformation of asset-intensive industries around the world. . Our basic industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion â„¢, enables data and industry users to collaborate quickly and securely to develop, operationalize and scale industrial AI solutions and applications to deliver both cost efficiency and sustainability. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @CogniteData or LinkedIn:


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