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Frustrated, I called the national 800 number of the Red Cross. I was put on hold automatically. Music played for a while, interrupted, of course, by the usual chatter “your call is very important to us…”. Truly?

Finally, a woman arrived on the line. I asked for the Kearney Red Cross office phone number, Neb .. She put me on hold. When she picked up, she said, “I’m not showing an office in Kearney, Nebraska.

“But Kearney has an office,” I said. “I was here.” But she checked again and came back empty.

Fleeing now, I hung up and went to the Red Cross office in Fort Kearney, 520 W. 48th St. A pleasant woman came to the front desk. “We don’t have a landline here,” she told me.

Eh? A company or an association without a fixed line? The American Red Cross, champion of those ravaged by fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes, and a critical blood collector, but no landline?

When I explained that I was just looking for a quote from a member of the Red Cross staff about Dustin’s blood donation, she picked up her cell phone and called Nicole Johnk, who gladly gave me a call. quote. When I asked Johnk for her title, she hesitated. Then she said she was the donor recruiting agent for central Nebraska.

I don’t know if Johnk works at Kearney, but I had what I needed. I returned to the office and inserted Johnk’s 18-word statement into my story. All this run for 18 words. And you wonder what a reporter does all day?


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