Dan Pfeiffer: Fighting the Big Lie

“Pod Save America” ​​co-host Dan Pfeiffer argues that democracy is built on a shared understanding of reality — and with the misinformation and fake news saturating America’s political right, that shared understanding is in jeopardy. Hampering America’s ability to deal rationally with threats like the COVID pandemic and climate change, Pfeiffer argues that something has to be done about right-wing media — and fast.

Dan Pfeiffer is an author, political commentator and former senior adviser to President Obama. A vocal critic of the American political right and longtime Obama aide, Pfeiffer is a regular CNN contributor and co-hosts “Pod Save America” ​​with Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor.

In his latest book, Fighting the Big Lie, Pfeiffer unpacks the story of how misinformation became the bread and butter of right-wing political media, and how lies like QAnon and the “stolen election” thrived on polarization and were supported by millions Americans and even members of Congress. Laying out guides for spotting fake news, verifying dubious facts and addressing conspiracy theorists in his own life, Pfeiffer offers essential help in navigating what he says is a political movement waging war on the very idea of ​​objective truth.

Join us in San Francisco as Pfeiffer navigates a maze of deception and political desperation, and lays out the steps to take to combat the rise of misinformation in America.

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