Glass hotel room you can book for free baffles TikTok


In the Zero Suite, visitors pay with their privacy instead of cash.

Screenshots of TikTok videos from @aprettycoolhoteltour

After an exhausting day of travel, you brush your teeth and sink into the clean sheets of a hotel room bed. Everything is perfect, and you are about to doze off.

The only problem? Dozens of people watch you sleep.

It’s an experience you can get for free at the Paradiso Ibiza art hotel called Zero Suite.

The Zero Suite is right in the middle of the hotel lobby and is all glass. Although it is free to book a night, visitors will pay confidentially. Everyone who sets foot in the hotel will have a front row seat in the Zero Suite.

TikTok couple Margaret and Corey, who run @aprettycoolhoteltour, gave their viewers a sneak peek into their stay at the Zero Suite. It got over 7 million views.

“I thought you were sleeping at Ikea,” one person joked to the couple’s video showing them waking up in the suite to workers cleaning the lobby in the morning.

The Zero Suite is “not for the faint-hearted,” the hotel says on its website. Visitors, performers, broadcasters, DJs and other artists can rent the suite to use for their arts activities, according to the hotel.

“The possibilities are endless as long as you love being the center of attention,” the hotel said.

After the couple stayed, Corey said they didn’t get much sleep and the overall experience was “awful,” according to their TikTok.

According to Margaret, the room had no rules or code of conduct.

“I feel like it would cause some trauma to the janitor,” another viewer joked.

Based on Margaret and Corey’s videos, it appears the Zero Suite’s only private crevice may be the toilet.

“It’s been an exciting series,” one follower commented. “Thank you for sharing.”

Ibiza is a popular holiday island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain.

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