Hotels are using robots as receptionists and food deliverers

  • Hotels across the United States are using room service robots to ease the effects of labor shortages.
  • Robots deliver food or items to hotel guests and are always available.
  • They help hotel staff focus on crucial tasks like operating the front desk, according to Fox Business.

Hotels across the United States are using room service robots to deal with staffing issues caused by perpetual labor shortages.

The robots, created by Savioke, perform simple tasks such as delivering meals or other items to rooms, Fox Business reported.

Savioke CEO Steve Cousins ​​told Fox Business in an interview that the robots allow hotel staff to focus on crucial tasks, like front desk management, at a time when staff numbers are staying at short notice. record levels.

Businesses in many sectors are suffering the effects of labor shortages. Some have had to increase their salaries or reduce their opening hours due to a reduced number of employees.

In his discussion of robots with Fox Business, Cousins ​​said, “It’s much more valuable for front desk staff to check people in than to hoist stuff up a room.”

He added: “If the hotel manager has to come and help you with deliveries, he doesn’t sell rooms, which is his main job.”

Depending on the outlet, the robots are available anytime, every day.

The cousins ​​said the robots do not replace workers but are an additional “arsenal”, which hotels rely on for additional support. He added that hotels from New York to California have placed orders to buy the robots.

According to a statement on Savioke’s website, the company “builds and deploys beautifully simple, sophisticated, and user-friendly service bots.” The machines operate safely, securely and reliably in human environments, the statement added.

While it’s increasingly common for companies to use robots to solve staffing issues, some say there are downsides. These include robots running away from guests wearing lots of jewelry or chatting too much.

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