Knowing what it takes to succeed, a franchise veteran is optimistic about the growth potential of an industry-changing brand

Jim Fitzsimmons is the Carolinas Regional Representative for LA Bikini

Sugaring versus waxing is the superior and less painful hair removal process and that means big business

My past experience in franchising as well as my experience as CEO of startups has allowed me to be successful in allocating franchise units and then helping owners manage them successfully,”

—Jim Fitzsimmons

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, April 11, 2022 / — Franchise savvy Jim Fitzsimmons doesn’t mince words when talking about the potential of LA Bikini, the franchise concept which combines a new “sugar” hair removal technique with an avant-garde business model. “For me, LA Bikini is an opportunity to get in early with an exciting brand that will redefine an industry,” Fitzsimmons said. “It’s sugar time,” he said with a smile.

Sugaring uses an all-natural sugar paste formulation to remove unwanted hair the natural way without the harsh chemicals used in outdated Brazilian hot wax. Sugar is a healthier, less painful way to remove hair that also inhibits hair growth, which helps achieve the smoothest skin possible – and a loyal customer base.

Fitzsimmons, 70, who says with a smile that he’s an “old entrepreneur who refuses to retire,” joined LA Bikini in 2019. He owns two franchises in Charlotte as a regional representative for North Carolina and South Carolina while recruiting. nationally to attract sector representatives who commit to opening ten to more than 20 units in designated territories over periods ranging from five to ten years.

Prior to joining LA Bikini, Fitzsimmons spent 12 years as the North Carolina Regional Developer for Massage Envy – the national wellness franchise providing massage, stretching and skincare services – making the North Carolina region is the largest region in the franchisor’s network with 45 units, seven of which are still owned by Fitzsimmons. “My past experience as an area rep for 15 years, combined with my 5+ years as a business consultant and 10+ years as a startup CEO, has allowed me to successfully sell units of franchise, and then helping owners successfully manage them,” he said.

Not surprisingly, Fitzsimmons has found continued success helping develop LA Bikini. In just over two years, it has awarded eight area representative agreements with a minimum of 64 units to open. Twelve of those franchise deals — including three of his own — are in North Carolina and South Carolina, under a minimum 20-site commitment. “I hope to penetrate major South Carolina markets and also establish a presence in the North Carolina Triad,” Fitzsimmons said.

LA Bikini has been in growth mode since it started the franchise in 2015. It has 14 locations in seven states, but its ambitious growth plan calls for 100 studios to open across the country by 2027, eventually expand to more than 300 locations.

Although using sugar to remove unwanted hair is actually an ancient technique, it took LA Bikini to find a niche with the unique service and help it stand out in a competitive industry with little differentiation. LA Bikini offers a cutting-edge business model combined with state-of-the-art technology; smaller, more efficient studio footprints that lead to lower operating costs and fewer employees; and unique membership models that offer customers special perks and savings with only a short-term commitment.

“The LA Bikini model was designed to take advantage of the best aspects of a franchise model for its industry,” Fitzsimmons said. “For example, the membership model doesn’t result in unused prepaid subscriptions and associated customer complaints – just a loyal following. Customer records are all electronic, so service providers can check in and out customers with one person at the front desk. And the footprint (1,600 square feet) is modest, so overhead is low and the path to profitability faster. This streamlined model also allows for manager-led studios, which in turn lend themselves to multi-unit ownership.

LA Bikini strives to provide transformative hair removal by creating a mutually rewarding relationship between its owners, employees and guests and it’s a formula for success that has individuals like Fitzsimmons optimistic about the growth of the concept.

“The growing interest of people, young and old, looking to start their own business through franchising is very exciting,” said Fitzsimmons. “LA Bikini is well positioned because we have very balanced agreements, unlike many franchisors who go all out against franchisees.”

About LA Bikini
LA Bikini, based in Hoover, AL, combines a unique sugar waxing technique that customers have been eagerly awaiting with an innovative business model that rewards customers with lifetime membership benefits without an ongoing contract. The franchise launched in 2015, and LA Bikini expects to have 100 studios open by 2027, eventually growing to more than 300 locations nationwide.

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