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The Curry Historical Society invites the community to join in the celebration with a book signing for Bo Shindler on October 8 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the museum located at 29419 Ellensburg Ave. at Gold Beach. Tim Scullen will present a reading from Bo Shindler’s book “With Barely Two Nickels to Rub Together”. Refreshments will be served.

“With Barely Two Nickels to Rub Together” is a simple American story, both interesting and informative, it is neither simple nor complex. The reader will recognize people in their own lives who have persevered in personal struggles, using quantity and quality of effort, creativity, and common sense to aim for goals.

The story begins with the trials and tribulations of Ed Freeman’s birthright family that began in 1833 when his great-grandfather was abandoned as a newborn baby at a pastor’s door in North Carolina. North. The family is traced back through the Civil War, the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. In 1939, on a frigid night, young Ed Freeman escaped a forced family arrangement by hopping in a wagon heading west, joining the ranks of the tramps and eventually settling in the coastal mountains of the south. western Oregon where he could be his own man in a land of opportunity surrounded by giant forests of Douglas fir and Port Orford cedar.

Thirty years later, Ed Freeman and his son Dugie embarked on an adventure that would build the largest aluminum commercial fishing boats built in the United States at that time. Taking advantage of the skills, work ethic and accumulation of life experiences that characterize the first-rate craftsmen that they have become, during the short life of the small yard (12 years), the boats that the Freeman team built had a combined length of nearly four football fields and a total ship weight of over one million pounds.

Shindler compiled the book to recognize the contribution of artisans to their communities, to provide a glimpse into rural life, and to bear witness to how hard work has merged with careful, focused thinking over time to improve the lives of all aspects of the population.

Bo has lived in Gold Beach since 1971, where he and his wife, Kathy, raised their family.


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