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In 2018, Transparency International Czech Republic found Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to be the sole beneficiary of two trust funds that held shares in the Czech conglomerate Agrofert, which was to receive large EU grants. Their discovery was possible thanks to the free and public platform of Slovakia where information on the ownership of companies that receive public contracts or licenses is recorded.

It turns out that Babiš was also the beneficial owner of other offshore companies in BVI, Monaco and the United States (US). This time around, however, the discovery was only made possible through leaked documents obtained by investigative journalists as none of those countries where the offshore companies have been incorporated provides information on the real owners of the corporations and trusts.

With the help of Panamanian service provider Alemán, Cordero, Galindo & Lee – known as Alcogal – the Czech Prime Minister established the limited companies and in 2009 moved funds to buy, among other things, a luxurious property on the French Riviera while keeping its property a secret. The provider ended up abandoning BabiÅ¡ as a customer in 2016, following the announcement of inquiries into whether any of its companies had received EU grants for small businesses.

While according to the rules in the Czech Republic, the Prime Minister must disclose assets, the declaration forms obtained by the journalists show that neither the French assets nor the companies related to him appear in the documents he has since filed. his entry into politics.

Transparency International Czech Republic is calling for a full investigation in agreements. This week, the Czech Senate Committee on Public Procurement held a debate on the revelations and the President call for investigations to be opened. According to the Commission, the revelations should also be analyzed by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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