Philadelphia school officers no longer feel safe in schools

The coronavirus pandemic has depleted a lot of resources in many industries over the past year and a half. Companies had to lay off workers left and right because they couldn’t stay afloat financially in the beginning. Now here we are months and months later and they are struggling even more because of the understaffing.

Take our school districts for example. Officers say they feel they don’t have the resources to protect themselves and the students. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, because they are understaffed, no one feels safe. Children do not feel safe. The staff do not feel safe and neither do the officers.

Violence has increased dramatically not only in Philadelphia as a whole this year, but also in schools. Did you know that kids bring guns to school? It is getting extremely scary. There aren’t even enough officers to deal with all the fighting and the violence. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, officers expressed fear of entering school buildings without body armor.

Some of the school officials are forced to give up some of their life safety functions, to take over in other areas of the school where there are shortages. Police officers should not register people at the front desk and run around doing administrative staff work. However, that’s what he got to.

It breaks my heart. I have family in the Philly school system and to think that their lives could be in danger every day is scary. The fact that it has become normal that there is violence in classrooms and that there isn’t much to do about it makes me want to never let my kids go to school. school in person.

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