Rant & Rave: Slowing down for safety or a speed trap?

RANT at the 25 mph speed limit on Elliott Avenue West between the Magnolia Bridge and First Avenue West on Lower Queen Anne. It is a four-lane boulevard (five with the reserved bus lane) which is now photo-enforced. Sounds like a speed trap to me.

RAVE to the couple who walked into an Edmonds restaurant like three girls and I did. It’s good that the gentleman holds the door for us. Chatted while waiting to be seated. Say goodbye as you leave. When we asked for our checks, the waiter said the couple had paid for all of us. We were all over 80, this had never happened to any of us. Hats off and thank you.

RANT to the one who knocked off all the heads of the pretty tulips in front of Evergreen School in Shoreline! I so enjoyed watching them as I walked past each day!

STORM Rant to the guy who thought it was OK to walk out with two cases of beer for free at Walgreens on Rainier Avenue South and South Genesee Street. Rave to Grandma’s security guard, on duty, who slapped the beer away from the thief. It was awesome!

RAVE that wearing a mask has become more common since the pandemic. There may not be too many positive results from this crisis, but now I am less noticed when I wear a mask or a balaclava. I was a caregiver for six years and found it necessary to mask up in certain circumstances to avoid contracting anything that could potentially harm my late wife. I wear the hood to keep my rather prominent trunk warm, as it is a little away from the heat of my face. Now I don’t have to worry about anyone thinking I’m doing anything wrong.

RANT to people who come to medical appointments and do not wear a mask. I was in the Valley Medical Center offices last week and there were at least six people who showed up for check-in without masks. I accompanied my elderly father through this pandemic. How dare you ignore the mask rule for medical facilities when most are medically fragile. Also, medical practices need to do better to keep people without masks out.

RAVE to the Seattle Parks Department for quickly removing the large tree branch about to fall at the East Harrison Street end park. I called Wednesday night and left a voicemail. When I arrived at the park early Friday morning, it had been removed! Good work.

RANT to the couple with their two preschoolers who went down to the beach in West Seattle last Sunday and didn’t even use the steps. Just four wheels and even though the beach was entirely empty, plant yourself within 5ft of us and inflict your ‘wonderful’, noisy kids on the only other people sitting peacefully. Read the play! Descend 25 to 30 feet!

RAVE to Mukilteo for inviting all interested parties to participate in a planning session for the new waterfront development. The Mayor and City Council answered questions while clam chowder and locally sourced cookies spurred the brainstorming event.

RANT to the King County Executive’s Office for wasting taxpayers’ money while conducting the politically mandated “national search” for a new sheriff when a perfectly qualified candidate was already there. What an unfortunate waste of time for the other two candidates.

RAVE to the Washington State Department of Transportation for closing the right lane east of Exit 32 on Interstate 90 and posting “we (not) working” signs along the way and a rant very special for no one working on the beaten sidewalk (with the lane closed) for more than five months. What are we waiting for? Christmas?

RANT to a popular ride-sharing service for wanting to charge $94 to take us from Sea-Tac in our home in south Seattle. Sounds outrageous and probably due to a price hike, but it made me appreciate the good old taxi company that took us home for only $34!

RAVE to the Mariners for streaming a recent game only on Apple TV+! I can’t find this channel on my “smart” TV. Sweet – my Friday night is free! Thank you for sparing me – and probably many other North West sewing heads – the drama of watching rising ace Logan Gilbert sweat to keep the Rays aimless as your weak bats somehow manage a few races and actually win a game.

RANT to the Seattle Central Library to only allow access to their reference books on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or you can go to the front desk and hope someone has time to pick up your item while you wait . We have not had regular access to these documents for two years. Can you please extend your access for those of us who would like to do our research in person but cannot on Tuesdays and Wednesdays?

RAVE to the hardworking staff and volunteers of the Paramount Theatre. The Mastodon show drew the most civil and friendly crowd I have seen in a long time. Impressive!

RANT to Crown Hill construction sites which are constantly noisy seven days a week outside of most people’s working hours, starting before 7am until after 6pm – including the jackhammer during the day Mother’s Day before noon. The sound of drills, nailers, front-end loaders and concrete trucks echoes throughout the neighborhood. The streets are dug up and blocked off to the inhabitants. Yes, noise hours in Seattle are legally between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., but developers, please give us a break! Oh, I forgot – they don’t have to.

RANT to our new neighbors who bought a brand new home in our little neighborhood in the Longfellow Creek watershed and then proceeded to cut down as many trees as possible. If you didn’t want to live in the trees, why did you buy a house in the greenbelt? Maybe a downtown condo would suit you better.

RANT to all the ignorant people who still haven’t figured out that no one, absolutely no one, wants to hear your car honk when you lock your car.

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