Six reed diffusers that will bring the summer indoors

Bella Freud’s Ciao (£155 CAD for 300ml) has a bright, fresh citrus top note, but it follows a wetter sex and sunscreen vibe, evoked with the help of fig leaf and orange blossom, with the clever addition of vetiver. The flashy-meets-cool bottle design has all of Freud’s usual carelessness.

For maximum impact, Ormonde Jayne offers a giant diffuser (£250 for 500ml) – perfect for gift giving – in her Frangipani fragrance, which brand founder Linda Pilkington created after a trip to Kenya. The fragrance of frangipani flower is balanced with tuberose, lime zest and plum, for a sophisticated approach to summer.

Jo Loves Fig Trees Fragrance Diffuser, £90 for 200ml

Bella Freud Ciao Diffuser, £155 for 300ml

Bella Freud Ciao Diffuser, £155 for 300ml

Ormonde Jayne Frangipani Diffuser, £250 for 500ml

Ormonde Jayne Frangipani Diffuser, £250 for 500ml

Often used as a backing vocal for more famous essential oils, tangerine has an uplifting, simple scent and in Miller Harris’ Mandarin Diffuser (£65 for 150ml), Sicilian Green Mandarin has its own place in the sun, with geranium and marjoram in harmony. supporting roles.

Jo Malone’s famous Fig Trees fragrance, inspired by her family vacation in Italy, is released in the Jo Loves fragrance diffuser (£90 for 200ml). A tantalizing blend of fresh figs and sweet cassis.

Susanne Kaufmann Relaxing Room Diffuser, £70 for 250ml

Susanne Kaufmann Relaxing Room Diffuser, £70 for 250ml

Verden D'Orangerie Diffuser, £45 for 100ml

Verden D’Orangerie Diffuser, £45 for 100ml

Verden stays true to its sustainability mandate with natural and compostable reeds, 100% natural fragrance and recyclable packaging. D’Orangerie (£45 for 100ml) uses orange blossom in a bewitching fragrance that has a cleansing hint of incense.

Susanne Kaufmann’s Relaxing Room Diffuser (£70 CAD for 250ml) is a mountain summer, with soothing aromas and the promise of a cool breeze. It is, after all, the scent that welcomes you to the Susanne Kaufmann Spa at Hotel Post in the Bregenzerwald Alps region. It’s got summer’s must-have citrus, but is warmed up with the addition of pine and cinnamon.

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