The Espai project could be a huge financial success for Barcelona

Barcelona are strapped for cash at the moment. The Catalans have never been in such a dire situation. Besides their long-term loan of over € 1 billion, they have also accumulated a lot of short-term loans that they need to repay. Negotiations and readjustments with other clubs take a lot of time and resources. This of course ends up hurting the whole club, including the team. Many players want more pay or are afraid of being cut from the squad due to lack of funds. The results were also not very stable and the new era under Joan Laporta started off with a difficult start.

The only way out of this situation is either a huge loan from an investment bank or the Espai project. The Espai Project is essentially a Camp Nou renovation project as well as a whole new world of leisure, entertainment and sports for fans and spectators. Barcelona have made a detailed public announcement of what they want to do with the Espai project and everything looks very promising. Apart from rebuilding Camp Nou and adding new seats via the Goldman Sachs loan, Barcelona also intend to add complexes, new offices and even a hotel.

Resorts, hotels and recreation centers are a great way to raise more funds and make fans feel closer to the club. The Catalans also intend to renovate the Palau Blaugrana so that more people can be seated in the stadium / sports center. The ice rink will also be kept so that more income can flow. The majority of the money is expected to come from the hotel and recreation center and according to the club the plans won’t require more than 200 euros per year. This is great news for Barca fans as the club finally have a solid and productive way out of the financial slump and they can finally look to the future.

What should Barca do to help recover their finances?

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