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Serbian President Aleksandar Vui has said he will have a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in 24 hours.


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Metro increases the price per square meter

President Vui also referred to the construction of the metro in Belgrade, claiming that because of this, the value of real estate will increase by 20-50%.

“A very important meeting for Serbia, we will discuss all key political issues. Russia is our fourth trading partner, we have a lot of room to increase trade with them,” he said.

He added that the economic cooperation program from 2021 to 2026 has been harmonized.

“This is something that we have only been preparing for a long time. We also agreed on the first phase of the radio-pharmacy center worth 15 million euros, so that we can ask our experts that we had at ‘Vinca’ to raise the knowledge of young people. Everything was agreed for ‘Petrohemija’ and this is good news for the workers, it will no longer depend on the economy, and we were the only ones who could achieve it with the Russians, ”he noted.

What is important to us are the so-called “burning issues”, he stressed. “We will also discuss ‘Sputnik light’, but also a lot of other things that I will discuss with Putin. However, the key question for us is this: we currently have gas reserves of 128 million cubic meters of gas because we consume it every day, precisely because of the price. There are huge costs and losses for the whole region, so we sought to reduce them. We wanted not to burden people, to leave the same price for gas and electricity. It was not easy, “said the president. The price of gas is of crucial importance to us, he said.

“We have gas reserves of 128 million cubic meters, because we consume them every day, because the price of electricity is five times higher on the stock market and we don’t want to buy it. million euros and this is why we consumed gas so that everyone can heat themselves and leave at the same price of gas and electricity, today the price of gas is 1.064 USD on the stock market, and we pay 270 “.

“You have gas at a price of $ 300 per 1,000 cubic meters, and we need three billion cubic meters of gas per year, and if the price is $ 600, the costs will be much higher each year. This will affect everything, especially bringing in investors who care about the price of gas. I know how many responsibilities I have and I know how much that means in money for our citizens. I will ask Putin to meet our needs, ”Vucic said.

He recalled the launch of the construction of the Novi Sad – Subotica railway.

“No one asked how much it cost, that worried me more. I want to inform people that 108 kilometers of railroads are worth a billion and 160 million euros. In three years, all that has not been done over the past 75 years will be completed, he stressed.

The President recalled that the extension of the Belgrade-Novi Sad highway is also planned.

“We will have to go with 4 + 1 lanes each way,” he said.

He also recalled many infrastructure projects including construction of Fruska Gora corridor, Danube corridor, Preljina-Poega section, Pojate-Preljina, construction of Belgrade-Sarajevo highway, construction of Ruma road -abac-Loznica, the construction of the Baki Breg-Kikinda highway, Nis-Plocnik section, Hungarian-Serbian railway project …

Responding to reporters’ questions about the expropriation law, Vui said he couldn’t send back laws he didn’t like to the National Assembly.

“As for these laws, they are constitutionally correct, this law has nothing to do with Rio Tinto or anything like that, as I’ve heard these days. Why did we need it? Because we let’s tunnel and we waste 160 days of waiting, because someone says that a fair price is not offered, and that we always add between 10 and 20 percent to make people more satisfied, and they then ask for a price three to five times higher than the market price, ”he explained.


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