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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic addressed the audience from the Serbian Palace on Wednesday evening.

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The address was dedicated to current events and to the Rio Tinto company.

“The previous two years and the previous seven years are some of the years in which we can boast of the rapid development of our country, our growth rate will be 2.7%. We plan to open two chapters or a cluster by December 14th. Serbia may be the only country to open new chapters, “said Vucic.

“I am proud of all the results we have achieved, but I know that we could have done even more without the laziness of some people, but also with the bureaucratic problems that we faced,” he said.

“As for the law itself, as I have said in previous speeches, and despite the fact that I am one of the few presidents to have sent laws to the assembly, like the water law” , did he declare.

“Something happened which in the desire, as I understood people in the government, to pass the best law possible, they passed a law in which one thing gave me a problem, and that is the incredibly delays. courts given to the owner of real estates, be it land or a house, ”he said.

“It was not unconstitutional, the law has not been the subject of public debate, due to the COVID crisis, which is unacceptable,” Vucic said.

“I saw the loopholes of ministers in taking over responsibilities that did not belong to them.”

“I made a decision and signed this decision on returning the law on amendments to the law on expropriation to parliamentary procedure,” he said.

“There was a possibility of interpretation that the law could be overturned, due to Article 58 of the Constitution, where property rights are violated. Although in many EU countries they even do so after 8 days, I certainly think the timelines are incredibly tight, “said Vucic.

This means that the law amending the Expropriation Law has been referred to the Assembly. Tonight or tomorrow, they can make the decision to withdraw the law. My proposal to the government of the Republic of Serbia is not to adopt a new law on expropriation, but rather to make it one of the broadest public debates, ”he said.

He also blamed the ministers who, as he said, did not bother to organize a broad debate on the expropriation law and did not visit the area most affected by a potential mine. to talk to people there.

I signed the referendum law

“I signed the referendum law, there is nothing unconstitutional in this law,” he said of the popular referendum law.

“Everyone will say it is Vui’s defeat, but I am the president of all citizens and my job is to take care of all citizens,” he said.

“I know there are a lot of citizens, wonderful, ordinary people who are worried,” he said.

“While it’s not part of my skill, I accept it as part of my guilt,” Vucic says.

“I listened to the people of Gornje Nedeljice, this is my address to them. The people are 5,000 people and less, but it’s not just those 5,000, I would fight for one man. listened to them, I saw how painful it is for them, my job is to listen to them, so I speak to them, first of all, ”explained Vucic.

“Everyone knows it’s not my fault, I didn’t bring Rio Tinto, but I eat myself from the inside out because I didn’t pay enough attention to it, I thought other people ‘cared,’ he added.

“Roadblocks are so harmful; I want to apologize to people ”

“Here we have responded to all requests, and you know why? They say Vui is afraid, wants to preserve the government,” he said.

“We will accept all requests, because the blockade of the highways is causing us great damage. It is not good for the image of our country. And I am proud that the police did not use water cannons. we have a fragile democracy and we must protect it, ”he said.

“I want to tell the citizens of Serbia that no one is working against them. I want to tell them that I do not intend to do anything against their interests,” he said.

“I want to apologize to all the citizens who suffered the terror of irresponsible people, and those who were beaten in illegally organized protests, I apologize to the elderly who suffered, I apologize because the state did not do its job and did not protect them, he said during the remarks.

“But that is the whole price of democracy. We must fight for the country to move forward. The people will assess each of us in the period to come,” he said.

“I really tried. We responded to all the requests they made, although some were, in my opinion, a political whim. And then you will see that the policy is behind everything. But it was important. to me that we are meeting the needs of ordinary people and I care about them more than anything, ”Vucic said.

Vui thanked the citizens for their patience and the people who have shown their strength, and called on political opponents to compete on April 3.

“Those who are tired do not need to be ministers. They can spend the little time they have left serving the people,” he said.

“I have been angry countless times that we have not explained the medical treatment of children to people,” he said.

“I apologize for not having visited eight thousand five hundred villages”

“I am the man who I think most often visited all places in Serbia. I was in Loznica and Krupanj area several times, I was officially 26 or 27 times, only in these two places. “I worked hard on the floods, we helped. Do you know the names of the rivers in the Loznica region? I know, because I have been there 11 times,” he said.

“I apologize for not having been able to visit eight thousand five hundred villages in Serbia,” he said.

Vucic has denied giving in to the protests, although he claimed earlier that the streets would not rule politics in Serbia.

“As for street protests, they take place every year,” he said.

In the end, he said he was happy that the citizens’ demands were met, but that he knew there were those who were happy because they saw it as his defeat.

It should be recalled that on the eve of the speech, the government of the Republic of Serbia took the decision in tonight’s session to withdraw the law on expropriation from parliamentary procedure.

He said he pledged to the government to make some changes to the referendum law, which he signed to meet demands from thousands of people who protested over the past two weekends against the two laws.

During the same session, the government proposed to the National Assembly amendments to the law on the referendum and popular initiative, in articles 7, 20, 43 and 44. The articles mentioned refer to the certification of signatures, representatives of the author authorized in the referendum body calling for a referendum, and on the deadline for recalling the referendum.

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