Wrexham distribution company plans to create jobs as new manager aims to take it to ‘the next level’


A warehouse and distribution company wants to create 30 jobs as a new manager plans to take it to the “next level”.

Julian Richards, 60, has been appointed commercial director of Wrexham-based McCarthy Distribution and he aims to grow sales to over £ 15million over the next three years.

The strategy will include increasing warehouse capacity and securing contract packaging work.

The ambitious company, led by Managing Director Mike McCarthy, opened a new £ 3million head office and 42,000 square foot warehouse in the Wrexham industrial area in 2019.

It has also invested in £ 500,000 of forklifts and racking in the new 21-meter-high warehouse to increase palletized freight capacity.

According to Richards, McCarthy Distribution, which currently employs 70 people, has enormous potential for growth and success.

He added, “Mike and I are very similar in that the quality of the service we provide rather than the profit is the most important thing. If you do everything right, everything else follows.

“McCarthy Distribution is a very well managed and extremely respected company, but it also has great growth potential and I want to help them take it to the next level.

“The service levels here are as good as it gets and the potential is huge, so I’m very happy to be a part of this journey.

“The growth strategy includes expanding our warehouse capacity and starting contract packaging which will complement what we are already doing.

“In addition to providing additional work, contract packaging helps bind the customer and we will see sales increase exponentially and profits increase.

“On transport, you earn one or two percent while you make five to 10 percent on contract packaging. It is a logical extension of the business.

McCarthy Haulage: Julian Richards Commercial Director with Mike McCarthy Managing Director. Photo Mandy Jones

“By the end of my third year, if we do everything we’re committed to, turnover will exceed £ 15million with a stronger bottom line. “

Mr Richards’ rise in the industry was meteoric after starting out as an office junior at a transport company in Buckinghamshire – and it was all down to his love of football. After leaving school at the age of 16, he joined Cavewood Transport in his hometown of High Wycombe, where many famous furniture brands like G Plan, Ercol and Parker Knoll were based.

He said: “Cavewood was sending trucks all over Europe to deliver furniture and other products to places like Madrid, Munich, Belgrade and Milan.

“I was thinking about football – AC Milan, Real Madrid and Belgrade Red Star – so it’s the job I did as an office junior, making tea and shopping.

“I just loved it. It immediately penetrated my skin. It was exciting to see all these trucks leaving for these exotic destinations.

He rose through the ranks and ended up as managing director of the £ 60million turnover company, handling all UK operations.

“I then went to work for a friend of mine who ran a small transport company and stayed there for two years before being sent back to Cavewood where I was recruited in 1999 by a transport company, AK Worthington, based at Trafford Park in Manchester.

Mr. Richards said: “Within three or four months of my arrival, I realized that the company was on the verge of insolvent. But we reversed it and the rest is history.

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“We have gone from a turnover of £ 6million losing £ 160,000 a year to a turnover of £ 35million with a profit of £ 3million.”

It was during this time that he met Mike McCarthy because he was part of a carrier organization, Partnerlink, created by Mr. Richards.

Mike McCarthy said, “I am delighted that Julian has joined us in helping to take McCarthy Distribution to the next level. “


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